Mombasa Water

Mombasa County heavily depend on water sources from outside the County for its portable needs. The water received from Mzizima, Baricho, Marere and Tiwi together accounts for 45600 m3d. Apart from these, the County also sources its Water from 452 shallow wells spread across the county, three permanent springs, four water pans and a number of borewells operated by private investors, NGOs and CBOs (10360 cubic meters per day). The water from these sources is saline, just meeting the acceptable levels. Maximum depth that can be drilled to access ground water ranges from 50-60 meters. The water is supplied through the following six main water supply schemes including Kisauni, Nyali, Island North, Island South, Likoni and Mainland West.

Water Rationing

  Kisauni Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
 Island Monday , Thursday, Friday
  Nyali Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday Green wood area  – Monday, Thursday, Friday
 Likoni·          Shika adabu, Ujamaa, Corner Mpya, Corner ya Zamani, Flats: –   Monday, Wednesday, Friday·          Shelly Beach area Receives water at night only on: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
 West mainland·          Chaani, Migadini, Umoja, Changamwe:   Monday, Thursday, Sunday·          Magongo, Soweto, Dolphin: –  Sunday, Tuesday·          Mikindani, Miritini, Jomvu:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Water Tariffs

Type of Customer Approved Tariff(Ksh./m3)
 Consumption Block 
 0 – 6m3 Flat Rate Ksh. 450.00
 7 – 20m3 85.00
 21 – 50m3 105.00
 51 – 100m3 140.00
 101 – 300m3 180.00
 >300m3 200.00
Consumption Block 
 0 – 6m375.00
 7 – 20m385.00
 21 – 50m3105.00
 51 – 100m3140.00
 > 300m3200.00
 Consumption Block 
 0 – 600m385.00
 601 – 1200m3100.00
 > 1200m3240.00
 Water Kiosk35.00