• Okpa flour– 4 cups
  • Palm oil–11/2 cups
  • Fresh pepper (habanero)
  • Salt
  • Uziza seed ( optional) — about 10 seeds

Okpa has a great taste and so does not need so much ingredients.

Certain ingredients change the taste and texture completely.

For Okpa, the less, the better. The basic are just salt, pepper and palm oil.


1. Put enough water on fire, as much as can still cover the Okpa when you have removed the one you need for mixing

2. In a bowl, pour the Okpa flour, add the oil and mix with your hands. Ensure the oil is evenly distributed and the color uniform.

3. Bring the hot water and dilute to a temperature your skin can take. Please don’t use warm water. Let it just be the hottest you can endure. Then pour into the Okpa mixture and start mixing with your hands. Break every lump and mix until the Okpa is all nice and smooth. The longer you mix, the better, until it begins to draw a little.

Add more water and bring the consistency to a little lighter than moi moi.

4. Add the salt, grounded uziza seed and pepper(coarsely grinded). Rest your hands now, they have tried. You can use a wooden spoon to stir them together. Taste and correct seasoning.

5. Now put into whatever package you want to cook with. Plantain leaves, aluminum/ stainless plates or waterproof. The leaves give Okpa a very special taste. I suggest you try it.

6. You either tie and drop directly in the boiling water or you tie and put in a bowl so that when you are done tying, you begin to shake each of them up before dropping into the boiling water. This is to prevent it from settling and some parts being harder. Don’t ever start cooking with cold water. E get why.

7. Cover to cook for 45mins to 1 hr depending on your source of heat. You can check with a tookpick, knife etc. If they come out clean, then your Okpa is ready.

8. Enjoy your Okpa