1. Soak your beans for 1-2hrs before cooking. This softens the beans and makes it cook within the shortest possible time.

Do not waste your gas, kerosene or firewood any more. Another good news? It reduces the effect of the chemicals used to store it so no more stomach pain after eating beans.

2. Do not add any item to soften your beans like Akanwu, nails, coke, etc. Haba, do you want to kill your self by your self?

These things actually affect the taste and texture of your beans. Just follow step 1 and you are good.

3. Parboil and wash off before the actual cooking. This further reduces chemical content so bye bye to stomach ache.

4. Allow your beans to soften well first before you add any ingredient. You can only add salt after parboiling and washing. Once you’re ready to cook finally, add salt. It enhances the taste of the beans.

5. Add enough crayfish, onions and red oil. These are the live wires of beans. They bring out the best in any bean dish. They enhance the flavour, color(presentation) and taste of any bean dish.

6. Compliment your beans with animal protein like fish and meat if available, otherwise, your crayfish has served the purpose( animal na animal abi?) Also compliment your beans with a carbohydrate source to ensure your food is well balanced. You can use plantain, yam,rice, garri , pap or any cereal of choice. Either cooked with them or served with them.

You can also add a dash of veggies like curry leaves or scent leaves to create that unforgettable aroma and taste.

Now you can cook and enjoy your beans