Phuki festival

The Phuki festival as it is known by the people of Yandang, signifies the celebration of the ‘New Crops’ that are yet to be harvested. It can therefore be known as, the ‘New Crop Festival’ of the Yandang tribe of Kudaku.

The Phuki Festival

The provenance of this annual festival according to tradition is not precisely known, because it is one of the oldest traditions whose origin is immemorial. The festival usually comes up between the end of September and the beginning of October (every year). This inherited tradition, according to the belief of the people, must be performed yearly in order to avert bad omen from the gods of the land.

During the festival, the community uses the opportunity to pray for a bumper harvest, peace and stability for all, and plenty of rain and strength for the next cropping season. All these prayers are manifested in the rituals and celebration during the festival.