• Evidence of passing exam conducted by the District pilotage Board.
  • Satisfactory Medical certificate from a qualified practitioner recognized by NPA.
  • Satisfactory knowledge of international regulations for preventing collisions at sea, local regulations, NPA bye-laws, local Notice to Mariners and marine emergency procedures in force.
  • Visit to the operation room of NPA port control within the preceding two months prior to the examination.
  • Satisfactory working knowledge of English language.
  • Knowledge of dangerous substances/objects in the harbour area.
  • The certificate shall bear the description and class of vessel the holder is authorized to pilot.
  • The certificate is non-transferable.
  • The certificate holder shall conform strictly to all pilotage requirements.
  • Certificate is renewable every year.

Pilotage Exemption fee: ₦40,000.00/Pilot/Vessel/Pilotage District payable to NPA revenue account.

Timeline: 6 weeks