• NPA appoints Managing Agents to monitor Service Boat Pilotage Movements
  • NPA register Service Boat Agent appointed by any Service Boat Operator
  • Managing Agent (INTELS) Collects Master Declaration from NPA Harbours to capture all the movements
  • Managing Agent (INTELS) submits Master Declaration and Pilotage Chit to Tariff & Billing Department (through Harbours Dept.)
  • Tariff & Billing Department raises Compulsory Pilotage Bills in the name of the appointed  Service Boat Agent or INTELS (whoever is appointed as Agent)
  • Compulsory Pilotage Bills raised are delivered through the Managing Agent (INTELS) to the Service Boat Agents for payment within Five (5) working days from the date of receiving the bill.
  • Managing Agent (INTELS) collects and acknowledges registered copies of fully approved invoices from Tariff & Billing Department for delivery to the Service Boat Agents.


  1. Master Declaration
  2. Pilotage Chit
  3. Service Boat Manifest
  4. Compulsory Pilotage Bills


72 Hours

Associated Charges

  • Compulsory Pilotage Rates (NPA Charges Notice 001/004 of 2014) For Service Boats, Rigs, Tugs and Work Barges all of 10 GRT and above (as contained in NPA Tariff).
  • Registration of Service Boat Agent N100, 000 Annually
  • Renewal of Registration as Service Boat Agent N100, 000 Annually