Plateau State Governor

The Governor of Plateau State is both the head of government and the Chief Security officer of the State. Under Article 5 Part II, second schedule of the Constitution, the executive powers is vested in the Governor of the State and, may subject as to the provisions of any law made by the House of Assembly, be exercised by him or through the Deputy Governor and Commissioners of the Government of the State or officers in the Public Service of the State. Ministries, each led by an appointed member of the Governor’s Cabinet carry out the day-to-day administration of the state government. The Governor also appoints the heads of more than 38 extra-ministerial agencies, departments, Boards, parastatals etc.

Plateau State government house, governor office, Jos

To provide the Governor with the support that he needs to govern effectively, the office is assisted by the office of the Chief of Staff.

Similarly, the Office of the Governor has in it Special Advisers, Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants who are appointed with full discretion of the Governor. Although the Governor seeks the approval of the State House of Assembly on number of Special Advisers to be appointed, those nominated do not go through a screening exercise by the Assembly. The SAs, SSAs and SAs are appointed as each Governor identifies his needs and priorities.

Plateau State governor’s office, Jos

The Governor is limited to two four-year terms by the Constitution of the Federal Republic.

By tradition, the Governor and the First Family live in the Government House, also the location of the Office and the offices of the Deputy Governor and his senior staff.