Located on the Calabar River in the Free Trade Zone of the City of Calabar in Nigeria, Tinapa is the realisation of an exciting dream – the creation of the first integrated business and leisure resort in Nigeria.

Donald Duke, above, was Cross River State Governor at the time Tinapa was established

Tinapa incorporates a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for investment purposes, which will be granted FTZ status. You’ll find it hard to find reasons not to invest in this development where the opportunities for profit are unlimited. Tinapa offers outstanding opportunities for investors including:

  • Exemption from all Federal, State and Local Government taxes, levies and rates.
  • Entitlement to approved enterprises to import, free of customs duty, any capital goods, consumer goods, raw materials, components and articles intended to be used within an approved activity.
  • Freedom from legislative provision pertaining to taxes, levies duties and foreign exchange regulation.
  • Repatriation of foreign capital on investment in the zone at any time.
  • Unrestricted remittance of profits earned by investors.
  • No import or export licence.
  • Rent free land at construction stage, thereafter rent shall be as determined by the management of the Zone
  • Foreign managers and qualified personnel may be employed by companies operating in the Zone

Reference: tinapa.com/images/media/press_01.pdf