Traditional rulers in Ekiti State: Titles and addresses

Ekiti State traditional rulers. Their titles and addresses including Local Government Areas

1The Owa OoyeOwa Ooye’s Palace, Okemesi-EkitiEkiti West L.G
2The OoreOore’s Palace, Otun- EkitiMoba L.G.
3The ElekoleElekole’s Palace, Ikole-EkitiIkole L.G.
4The EwiEwi’s Palace, Ado-EkitiAdo Local Govt
5The AjeroAjero’s Palace, Ijero-EkitiIjero L.G.
6The AlaraAlara’s Palace, Aramoko-EkitiEkiti West L.G
7The Alaaye Obalufon AlayemoreAlaaye’s Palace, Efon AlaayeEfon L.G.
8The OgogaOgoga’s Palace Ikere-EkitiIkere L.G.
9The OlojudoOlojudo’s Palace Ido-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G
10The OloyeOloye’s Palace Oye-EkitiOye L.G.
11The OlogotunOlogotun’s Palace Ogotun-EkitiEkiti South West L.G.
12The ArinjaleArinjale’s Palace Ise-EkitiIse/Orun L.G.
13The OnitajiOnitaji’s Palace Itaji-EkitiOye L.G.
14The OnisanOnisan’s Palace, Isan-EkitiOye L.G.
15The Attah of AiyedeAttah’s Palace Ayede-EkitiOye L.G
16The ElemureElemure’s Palace Emure-EkitiEmure L.G
17The OlomuoOlomuo’s Palace Omuo-EkitiEkiti East L.G.
18The OlosiOlosi’s Palace Osi-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G
19The OlojudoOlojudo’s Palace Ido-IleEkiti West
20The ArajakaArajaka’s Palace Igbara-OdoEkiti South West L.G.
21The AlaweAlawe’s Palace Ilawe-EkitiEkiti South West L.G.
22The OluyinOluyin’s Palace Iyin-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G
23The AlareAlare’s Palace Are-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
24The OnigedeOnigede’s Palace Igede-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
25The ObanlaObanla’s Palace Ijesa-IsuIkole L.G.
26The OlootunjaOlootunja’s Palace Otunja-EkitiIkole L.G.
27The AlaayeAlaaye’s Palace Oke-AyedunIkole L.G.
28The OlodeOlode’s Palace Ode-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
29The OniyeOniye’s Palace Iye-EkitiIlejemeje L.G.
30The ObaleoObaleo’s Palace Erinmope-EkitiMoba L.G.
31The OlukoroOlukoro’s palaceIjero L.G.
32The OrooOroo’s Palace Agbado-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
33The AlaraAlara’s Palace Ara-EkitiIjero L.G.
34The AlaraAlara’s Palace Ara-EkitiIkole L.G.
35The OniseOnise’s Palace Odo-Oro EkitiIkole L.G.
36The AlawoAlawo’s Palace Awo-EkitiIre/Ifelodun L.G.
37TheAlayegunleAlayegunle’s Palace Ayegunle-EkitiIjero L.G.
38AlayetoroAlayetoro’s Palace Ayetoro-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G
39The ElerioElerio’s Palace Erio-EkitiEkiti West L.G.
40The EledaEleda’s Palace Eda-OniyoIlejemeje L.G.
41The OlohanOlohan’s Palace Erinjiyan-EkitiEkiti West L.G.
42The OlufakiOlufaki’s Palace Ifaki-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G.
43The OnigbemoOnigbemo’s Palace Igbemo-EkitiIrepodun/IfelodunL.G.
44The OnigogoOnigogo’s Palace Igogo-EkitiMoba L.G.
45The OjurinOjurin’s Palace Ijurin-EkitiIjero L.G.
46The OnikunOnikun’s Palace Ikun-EkitiMoba L.G.
47The AlasaAlasa’s Palace Ilasa-EkitiEkiti East L.G.
48The OwalogboOwalogbo’s Palace Ilogbo-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G.
49The OluloroOluloro’s Palace Iloro-EkitiIjero L.G.
50The OwaOwa’s Palace Iludun-EkitiIlejemeje L.G.
51The ApejuApeju’s Palace Ilupeju-EkitiOye L.G.
52The ObanlaObanla’s Palace Ipao-EkitiIkole L.G.
53The OlupotiOlupoti’s Palace Ipoti-EkitiIjero L.G
54The OlorinOlorin’s Palace Orin-Odo-EkitiIkole L.G
55The OnimesiOnimesi’s Palace Imesi-EkitiAiyekire L.G
56The AsabaAsaba’s Palace Isaba-EkitiIkole L.G
57The OnireOnire’s Palace Ire-EkitiOye L.G
58The OniroporaOniropora’s palace Iropora-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
59The OwatapaOwatapa’s Palace Itapa-EkitiOye L.G.
60The OluOlu’s Palace Itapaji-EkitiIkole L.G.
61The AlaworokoAlaworoko’s Palace Iworoko EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G
62The OwaOwa’s Palace Odo AyedunIkole L.G.
63The OlowaOlowa’s Palace Odo-Owa-EkitiIjero L.G.
64The OwaOwa’s Palace Osun-EkitiMoba L.G.
65The OlosanOlosan’s Palace Osan-EkitiMoba L.G.
66The OlusiOlusi’s Palace Usi-EkitiIdo/Osi  L.G.
67The OlusinOlusin’s Palace Usin-EkitiIkole L.G.
68The ApalufinApalufin’s Palace, Aisegba-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
69The AlaayeAlaaye’s Palace Aaye-EkitiIdo/Osi  L.G.
70The AlaayeAlaaye’s Palace Aaye- Oja-EkitiMoba L.G.
71The AlafaoAlafao’s Palace Afao-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
72The AlararomiAlararomi’s Palace Araromi-EkitiIjero L.G.
73The OlojaOloja’s Palace Araromi-Oke-EkitiEkiti East L.G.
74The OdolofinOdolofin’s Palace Araromi-Obo EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
75The AlasinAlasin’s Palace Asin-EkitiIkole L.G.
76The OwaOwa’s Palace Ayebode–EkitiIkole L.G.
77The OwaOwa’s Palace Ayegbaju-EkitiOye L.G.
78The OwaOwa’s Palace Egbe-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
79The ElewuElewu’s PalaceIlejemeje L.G.
80The EleyioEleyio’s Palace Eyio-EkitiIre/Ifelodun L.G
81The Eleda IleEleda’s Palace Eda-IleEkitiEkiti East L.G.
82The ElepeElepe’s Palace Epe-EkitiIjero L.G.
83The ElepeElepe’s Palace Epe-EkitiMoba L.G.
84The ElesureElesure’s Palace Esure-EkitiIrepodun/Ifelodun L.G.
85The ElesunElesun’s Palace Esun-EkitiIkole L.G.
86he OwaOwa’s Palace Oke-Oro EkitiIjero L.G.
87The OnifisinOnifisin’s Palace Ifisin-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G.
88The OlugboleOlugbole’s Palace Igbole-EkitiIdo/Osi L.G.
89The ObalokeObaloke’s Palace Igbona-EkitiIkole L.G.
90The OnijanOnijan’s Palace Ijan-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
91The OnijesaOnijesa’s Palace Ijesamodu-EkitiIlejemeje L.G
92The ElejeluElejelu’s PalaceOye L.G
93The OlojaOlaja’s Palace Ikogosi-EkitiEkiti West L.G
94The ObanikosuObanikosun’s Palace Ikosun-EkitiMoba L.G
95The OnikoyiOnikoyi’s Palace Ikoyi-EkitiIkole L.G
96The OnikunOnikun’s PalaceEkiti-East L.G
Ikun-Oba Ekiti
97The EleriEleri’s PalaceIkole L.G
98The AlafonAlafon’s Palace Ilafon-EkitiOye L.G
99The AlamoAlamo’s Palace Ilamo-EkitiIkole L.G
100The ObaduObadu’s Palace Ilemeso-EkitiOye L.G
101The ObalogunObalogun’s Palace Ilogun-EkitiIdo/Osi  L.G.
102The EesalokunEesalokun’s Palace Ilokuno-EkitiIjero L.G.
103The AjagunAjagun’s Palace Ilu Omoba-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
104The OnipereOnipere’s Palace Ipere-EkitiIlejemeje L.G.
105The OlumojoOlumojo’s Palace Imojo-EkitiOye L.G.
106The Olupole/IloroOlupole’s Palace Ipole-Iloro EkitiEkiti West L.G.
107The OnirareOnirare’s Palace Irare-EkitiMoba L.G.
108The OnireleOnirele’s Palace Irele-EkitiIkole L.G.
109The OluroyeOluroye’s Palace Iroko-EkitiIjero L.G.
110The OniroOniro’s Palace Iro-EkitiAiyekire L.G.
111The AromiroAromiro’s Palace Iro-EkitiMoba L.G.
112The ObasaoyeObasaoye’s Palace Isa-Oye-EkitiMoba L.G.
113The OnisinOnisin’s Palace Isinbode-EkitiEkiti East L.G.
114The OluOlu’s Palace Iyemero-EkitiIkole L.G.
115The ObalemoObalemo’s Palace Odo-Ora EkitiIdo/Osi L.G.
116The OwaOwa’s Palace Oke-Ako EkitiIkole L.G.
117The OloojebuOloojebu’s Palace Oke-Ijebu-EkitiIkole L.G.
118The OloraOlora’s PalaceIdo/Osi L.G.
Oke-Ora Ekiti
119The ObalojaObaloja’s Palace Oloje-EkitiOye L.G.
120The OwajumuOwajumu’s Palace Omu-EkitiOye L.G.
121The OlorinOlorin’s Palace Orin-EkitiIdo/Osi  L.G.
122The OlowuroOlowuro’s Palace Orun-EkitiIse/Orun L.G.
123The OlosinOlosin’s Palace Osin-EkitiOye L.G.
124The OnikunOnikun’s Palace Temidire-EkitiIjero L.G.
125The AmuroAmuro’s Palace Temidire-EkitiIkole L.G.
126EisaEisa’s Palace Ira-EkitiMoba  L.G.

Ekiti is a state in southwestern Nigeria.

Named after the Ekiti people, the Yoruba subgroup that make up the majority of the state’s population, Ekiti State was formed from a part of Ondo State in 1996 and has its capital as the city of Ado-Ekiti.

Iworoko mountain
Fajuyi Memorial Park
Ekiti state University Teaching Hospital, Ado-ekiti
Ekiti people

Ekiti State is a state in southwestern Nigeria, bordered to the north by Kwara State, to the northeast by Kogi State, to the south and southeast by Ondo State, and to the west by Osun State.

It was created in 1996 from the territory of the former Ondo State. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, natural beauty and agricultural potential.

Ekiti is also home to some of some prestigious educational institutions in the country, such as the Ekiti State University, the Federal University of Oye-Ekiti and the Afe Babalola University.

One of the most popular destinations in Ekiti is the Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort, located in Ikogosi town. This resort is famous for its natural phenomenon of warm and cold springs flowing side by side from the same source. The warm spring has a temperature of about 70°C, while the cold spring has a temperature of about 37°C. The resort offers various facilities and activities for visitors, such as swimming pools, chalets, restaurants, conference halls, hiking trails and a museum.

Olosunta Hills

Ekiti State has 16 Local Government Areas, namely:

  1. Ado-Ekiti
  2. Ikere
  3. Oye
  4. Aiyekire (Gbonyin)
  5. Efon
  6. Ekiti East
  7. Ekiti South-West
  8. Ekiti West
  9. Emure
  10. Ido-Osi
  11. Ijero
  12. Ikole
  13. Ilejemeje
  14. Irepodun/Ifelodun
  15. Ise/Orun
  16. Moba
St. Paul Anglican church, Erijiyan
Aramoko-Ekiti Roundabout, Aramoko-Ekiti
Araromi Baptist Church, Igede-Ekiti
Ekiti Baptist High School, Igede Ekiti
Ekiti state internal revenue house, Ado-ekiti

Another attraction in Ekiti is the Arinta Waterfalls, situated in Ipole-Iloro town. This waterfall is one of the highest and most spectacular in Nigeria, with a height of about 120 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and rocky cliffs, creating a scenic and serene environment. You can enjoy the view of the waterfall from a distance or get closer to feel its refreshing spray.

The Ekiti Cultural Centre in Ado-Ekiti, is a hub for cultural activities and events, such as exhibitions, festivals, workshops and performances. The centre also houses a museum that showcases various artifacts and relics from the past, such as pottery, beads, masks, costumes and musical instruments.

Ekiti is a state that celebrates its traditions and values. Some of the most notable festivals in Ekiti are the Udiroko Festival, the Ogun Festival and the Olosunta Festival. These festivals are held annually to mark different occasions and honor different deities. They feature colorful displays of costumes, dances, music and rituals that reflect the identity and diversity of Ekiti people.