Function of the Federal Ministry of Power

The responsibilities of the Federal Ministry of Power are as follows:

  • Initiating and formulating broad policies and programmes on the development of the power sector (electricity) in general;
  • Initiating concessions in the power sector of the economy;
  • Licensing of electric generating sets of 1MW capacity and below and electrical contractors;
  • Conducting investigation on electrical accidents and to ensure safety in the electricity industry in Nigeria;
  • Conducting statutory tests and certification of electric poles (concrete, wooden, steel etc) and other major electrical materials before they are used on the grid and networks in Nigeria;
  • Implementing Renewable Energy progammes/initiatives (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro etc);
  • Coordinating activities of power sector;
  • Handling policy matters relating to research and development in the Power Sector;
  • Promoting the development of hydro power plants through public private partnership (PPP);
  • Participating in bilateral and multilateral relations affecting the power sector; and
  • Facilitating the overall coordination of the activities of the Parastatals under its supervision.