lkorodu electric power supply

Ikorodu has five licensed thermal generating companies including African oxygen and Industrial Gases Ltd licensed to generate power under the private sector reform participation and ownership in Nigeria.

It supplies electricity to some industries in Ikorodu.

This company only supply off-grid.

Generation Plants within Ikorodu

Egbin Thermal Station PLC
1,320 MW On-Grid Functional

Energy Company of Nigeria
140 MW
On-Grid Not Completed

AES Barge (IPP)
270 MW
On-Grid Not Functional

African Oxygen & Industrial
Gases Limited
19.0 MW
Off-Grid Functional

MBH Power Limited
Km 5, Itoikin Road 300 MW
On-Grid Under Construction

There are seven (7) 330/132KV/33KV transmission sub-stations which power Ikorodu area.

Transmission substations

  1. Ikorodu
  2. Haruna
  3. Maryland
  4. Odogunyan
  5. Egbin
  6. Omni
  7. Top Steel

Six are located within the area while one is located outside the Ikorodu.

Three out of the six sub-stations are owned by Government namely:

  1. Ikorodu (Sabo) transmission sub-station with an installed capacity of 280MVA/132KV/
  2. Odogunyan Transmission Sub-station with an installed capacity of 120MVA 132KV/
    33KV, under construction.
  3. Egbin Transmission Station with the following installed capacities
    i. 100MVA 132/33KV (under construction).
    ii. 2x150MVA 330KV / 132KV.
    iii. 1x300MVA 330KV/132KV (under construction).

The remaining transmission substation within the Ikorodu sub-region are owned by private
industries namely:

  1. Land craft transmission sub-station located at Ikorodu West with installed capacity of
  2. Omnic Transmission sub-station located at Agboyi-Ketu with installed capacity of
  3. Top Steel transmission sub-station located at Ikorodu North (Odogunyan) with installed
    capacity of 36MVA/132KV/33KV.
  4. Maryland Transmission Station located outside the sub-region is the means of power
    supply to Agboyi Ikosi and Ikosi – Isheri.