The Secretariat of the Inspector-General of Police was established in December 1987 with the objective of serving as a clearing house for all matters that require the immediate attention of the Inspector-General of Police.

The Secretariat assists the IGP in running the Force through the following:

1. Preparation of internal memoranda for the Inspector-General of Police;

2. Organizing and coordination of all local and foreign official visits for the Inspector-General of Police;

3. Accompanying the Inspector-General of Police on Local and foreign tours to cover the proceedings of such tours;

4. Preparation of speeches/lecture papers to be delivered by the Inspector-General of Police at different fora whenever he is invited as one of the guest speakers;

5. Covering of all important meetings, conferences and press briefings attended by the Inspector-General of Police.

Processing/handling of matters bordering on promotion, discipline and petitions coming from members of the Force and the general public.

Compilation of weekly briefing on the activities of the Force, National events and Presidential engagements which are forwarded to the President and other government officials. Coordination of peacekeeping operations and the community policing project. There is also an Annex of the IGP Secretariat at the former Force Headquarters in Lagos headed by an officer who acts as the liaison officer for the IGP in Lagos State. For effective coordination of its official functions, the Secretariat is divided into the following offices:

1. Principal Staff Officer to the IGP;

2. Personal Assistant to the IGP (PA)

3. Staff officers to the IGP

4. Administrative/Mail Office

5. Central Information System Unit

6. IT Support Unit

7. Protocool unit

The IGP Secretariat lead coordinates the activities of all the officers in the IGP Secretariat and also serve as a link between the IGP and members of the Force