Jahun LGA (Local Government Area) is one of the twenty seven (27) LGAs in Jigawa State, North-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria.


Its capital is the town of Jahun.


It was created in 1976.


It consist of four (4) districts namely:- Jahun, Aujara, Gunka and Kadawawa.

Jahun LGA, Jigawa


It borders Taura and Kaugama Local Governments in the north, Kafin Hausa and Miga in the west and Kiyawa in the south and in the west Dutse and Ringim Local Government Areas.

The LGA comprises of several towns and villages which include Aujara, Gunka, Damutawa, Tukunyawa, Gangawa, Chanmbe, Idanduna, and Doro.

The estimated population of Jahun LGA is 173,448 inhabitants with the vast majority of the area’s dwellers being members of the Fulani ethnic group.

The Fufulde and Hausa languages are commonly spoken in the area while Islam is the widely practiced religion in the LGA.

Notable landmarks in Jahun LGA include the Jahun General Hospital and the Jahun School of Health technology.


Jahun LGA sits on a total area measuring 1,172 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 33 degrees centigrade.

The average wind speed in the area is 11 km/h while total precipitation in the LGA is estimated at 900 mm of rainfall per annum.


Farming is a key economic activity in Jahun LGA with crops such as onions, millet, and sweet potatoes grown in the area.

Also, the rearing of animals such as camels, rams, cows, and sheep is a flourishing business in Jahun LGA. Other important economic activities engaged in by the people of Jahun LGA include hunting, pottery, and trade.