Lawrence Anini, a notorious armed robber and his gang were assisted by George Iyamu, a corrupt policeman, to terrorize Nigeria for years but we’re later caught.

George Iyamu was a corrupt Police officer back then in the 1980s, he worked for the notorious criminal Lawrence Anini.

Anini used to terrorize Bendel State and other parts of Nigeria from the year 1980 to the year 1986, the year of his death.

Lawrence Anini used to be a professional Taxi driver but he stopped the job and started driving criminals.

Lawrence later formed his gang of criminals and they robbed, kidnapped, and also killed many Nigerians.

Back then in the 1980s, the citizens of Nigeria were being terrorized by the infamous Lawrence Anini and his gang. Lawrence was also called the Law.

Lawrence Anini men were practically invisible due to the fact that he had some Insiders in the Police force. Some corrupt officers were also part of his gang, they gave him Intel and protected him from arrest.

He was feared by everybody because he spared no one, he even killed many policemen

Anini was caught on December 3, 1986 in the company of 6 Women.

While Lawrence was in the police station, he went ahead to reveal those members of his gang.

After the arrest of Anini and collaborators the dare-devil rob­bers began to reveal the roles played by key police officers and men, in the aiding and abetting of criminals in Bendel State and the entire Nigeria.

Anini particu­larly revealed that George Iyamu, who was the most senior police offi­cer shielding the robbers, would reveal police secrets to them and then, give them logistical sup­ports such as arms, to carry out robbery operations.

He further revealed that Iyamu, after each operation, would join them in sharing the loot.

It was further exposed how Iyamu planned to kill Christopher Omeben, an As­sistant Inspector-General of Po­lice in charge of Intelligence and Investigation. But Iyamu was later to be disappointed as the assailants dispatched to elimi­nate Omeben were only able to kill his driver, Otue, a sergeant.

Iyamu, whom the robbers fondly referred to as ‘Baba’, reportedly had choice buildings in Benin City; proof of how he invested the loot he obtained from men of the underworld.

He was shot on his leg which later made the Doctors to cut off his leg.

Due to the amputation of his leg, Anini was confined to a wheelchair throughout his trial. Iyamu, on his part, denied ever knowing and collaborating with Anini.

Anini had accused him before Justice James Omo-Agege in the High Court of Justice in Benin City. Of the 10 police offi­cers Anini implicated, five were convicted. The robbery suspects, including Iyamu, were sentenced to death. But in passing his judgement, Justice Omo-Agege remarked, “Anini will forever be remembered in the history of crime in this country, but it would be of unblessed memory. Few people if ever, would give the name to their children.”

Their execution took place on March 29, 1987.

Anini’s collaboration with Iyanmu revealed how criminal gangs may connive with law enforcement officers if not checked. This has made security agencies wiser on how to checkmate crime both within their offices and externally.