Mbadede, Vandeikya

Mbadede is a council ward in Vandeikya LGA, Benue State, Nigeria

Public Primary Schools in Mbadede Council Ward, Vandeikya LGA

  1. RCM Primary School, Korsha
  2. RCM Primary School, Uji
  3. RCM Primary School, Igbiabegha
  4. RCM Primary School, Ngokugh
  5. NKST Primary School, Shimbe
  6. RCM Primary School, Kiishi
  7. RCM Primary School, Ngegher
  8. NKST Primary School, Igber
  9. LGEA Primary School, Iorshe Gile
  10. RCM Primary School, Ihugh
  11. LGEA Primary School, Mbaatia
  12. LGEA Primary School, Anhwer
  13. RCM Primary School, Anza
  14. RCM Primary School, Ndere
  15. LGEA Primary School, Abaki
  16. RCM Primary School, Bako
  17. NKST Primary School, Ihugh
  18. RCM Primary School, Labe
  19. NKST Primary School, Takuluku
  20. LGEA Primary School, Ase
  21. LGEA Primary School, Mede
  22. LGEA Primary School, Azeeze
  23. LGEA Primary School, Abuku
  24. RCM Primary School, Kyundu
  25. LGEA Primary School, Mbaakoov Geri
  26. NKST Primary School, Mbaakon
  27. RCM Primary School, Asue
  28. LGEA Primary School, Iortyom
  29. LGEA Primary School, Ivenge
  30. NKST Primary School, Kpamber
  31. NKST Primary School, Uka

UBE (Universal Basic Education) schools in Mbadede

  • UBEIgbianbegha
  • UBEIvenge
  • UBENdere
  • UBEKishi
  • UBEIortyom
  • UBEBako Mbangur
  • UBENgokugh
  • UBEMbaakon

Private Primary Schools in Mbadede

  • Divine Grace Academy
  • Dooshima Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • Emmanuel Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • Mimi Highland Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • St. Devis Junior Star Acad. Ihugh
  • St. Margaret Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • St. Winifred’s Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • Ugbatel’s Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • Vambe Ajikwa Nursery /Primary School, Ihugh
  • Watchman Nursery /Primary School, Ndere
  • Christ Internate Academy Ihugh
  • Mbawuar Com. Staff Nur.

Government Secondary Schools in Mbadede

  • Government Special Secondary Schoool, Ihugh
  • St. Peters Secondary Schoool, Mede
  • Mbara Comm. Secondary Schoool
  • Tilley Gyado Coll. Ihugh
  • Mbawuar Com. Sch. Ihugh
  • Kasar Ija Mem. Secondary Schoool, Mbangur
  • Mbaakon Grammar Sch. Mbaakon

Private Secondary Schools in Mbadede

  • NKST Secondary Schoool, Uka
  • Dula Redeemer Secondary Schoool, Kiishi
  • Mbakima Com. Sec Sch. Secondary Schoool, Ndere
  • Bleesed Redeemer Model
  • Nyagba Int’l Acad. Ihugh
  • Mkov Nongogun Comp. Coll. Mbaakon
  • Ugbatel Model High Sch. Ihugh
  • Christ The King Secondary Schoool, Ihugh
  • Ray Of Hope Academy, Abenga Mbauusu
  • Quality Secondary Schoool, Barazov
  • Mbasusu Com. Secondary Schoool, Mbabagu

Government Health Clinics in Mbadede

  • PHC Ihugh
  • PHC Kiishi
  • PHC Mbaakov Geri
  • PHC Abaki
  • PHC Mbabagu
  • PHC Tyam

Private Health Clinics in Mbadede

  • Ternenge And Hembadoon Clinic
  • NKST Comp. Uka
  • St. Thomas Hosp. Ihugh
  • Shimbe Clinic Mbausu

Markets in Mbadede

  • Ihugh
  • Mede
  • Uka

Vandeikya is a Local Government Area (LGA) in Benue State, Nigeria.

Both the LGA and its capital town have the same name as Vandeikya.

Vandeikya town in Vandeikya LGA, Benue State, Nigeria

Vandeikya is in the South Eastern part of Benue State and shares boundaries with Obudu and Bekwara in Cross River State to the East, Ushongo to the North and Konshisha LGA to the West.

Vandeikya LGA is located between latitude 7°5′ and 7°15′ north of the Equator and Longitude 9° and 9°6′ east of Greenwich. It has a landmass of 183,939 square metres (0.7 sq miles) with a population of well over 80,288.

There are 12 council wards, namely:

  1. Mbadede
  2. Mbajor
  3. Tsambe
  4. Mbagbam
  5. Mbakyaha
  6. Mbagbera
  7. Ningev
  8. Mbakaange
  9. Township
  10. Mbayongo
  11. Mbatyough
  12. Mbanyamagbagh

Vandeikya LGA was created out of Gboko LGA in 1976.

Almost all the indigenous people are of the Kunav clan of Tiv people.

Vandeikya people are a hospitable group and are predominantly Christians with a few traditionalists.

Vandeikya has undulating terrain with much of the area being below 183 m (600 ft) above the sea level.

Surface drainage is generally good with almost all the rivers being seasonal, notably river Aya and river Be.

The climate is tropical sub humid with the mean annual rainfall of between 1,200 and 2,000 mm (47″ and 79″) averaging seven months in the year, while the mean annual temperature is 32.5 °C (90 °F). The wet season is from April to October or November while the dry season is November to March.

Infrastructural facilities
These include the Trunk ‘A’ federal highway that links Cross-River State through Ogoja to Katsina-Ala and other parts of the North like Taraba, Adamawa States.


Electricity supply from the national grid spearheaded by communal efforts extends to Vandeikya township, Chi village and Tsar.

Also in place is a modern general hospital, missionary hospital, and local government clinics spread all over the pipeline.

Through the state water supply program, Vandeikya local government now enjoys pipe-borne water.

River Aya, and River Be

Major markets
Ihugh, Agbo, Tsar, Koti-Yough, Gbem,

List of markets in Vandeikya


Agricultural produce
Rice, sweet potatoes, sorghum, citrus, cassava, bananas, spices, tomatoes, pepper of various types, palm oil and palm products.

Agriculture is the mainstay of the people; with arable land for sheep, goats and cattle rearing. Over 80% of the population are directly engaged in the peasant farming of virtually all major food crops, with concentration on rice, sweet potatoes, cassava, sorghum, citrus, spices, pepper, groundnut and bambara nuts. The LGA is endowed with mineral deposits such as barites, kaoline and iron ores.

Being principally farmers, the major commercial engagements of the people in the area revolve around agricultural products. Presently, there are no major industries in the area; however there are many small scale cottage industries like rice milling, block making and furniture works and others. The settlement pattern is dispersed with thatched round houses.

The Vandeikya local government has wide Fadama area and good arable land for sheep and cattle rearing. Already, the Federal government has established sheep grazing area in Ningev Council Ward of Vandeikya Local Government.

VAndeikya has a short dry season (November – March), and Long wet season (April – October) which represent low and high rainfall respectively.

Industrial potentials
The Local government council is endowed with industrial potentials such as starch and glucose production, fruit juice extraction, vegetable oil, bottling of palm wine and solid minerals (zinc), barite, kaolin, rutile and others.