Ibadan North West Local Government Area

Ibadan North West Local Government was created in 1991 by the then Military Head of State, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Gbadamosi Babangida (rtd). The Local Government covers a large area of land with a population of 152,834 according to (2006) National Population Census; where we have 75,311 males and 77,523 females.

          It is divided into eleven wards and has its administrative headquarter at Onireke. In January 2016 Oke ‘Badan North LCDA was carved out of it.

          However, Ibadan North West comprises of ward 1, ward 3, ward 4, ward 5, ward 7 and ward 9; while ward 2, ward 6, ward 8, ward 10 and ward 11 belonged to Oke’Badan North LCDA.

The major occupation of its people is trading where two-third of the populace are engaged, while others engaged in public service like teaching, manufacturing, publishing etc.

          Ibadan North West is blessed with nature with vast areas for tourist attraction. Tourist centers in this Local Government includes the Eleyele Water Works and Golf Course located at Onireke.


          There are six health facilities owned by Ibadan North West Local Government. These are:

  1. Onireke Health Center, Onireke
  2. Ogunpa Health Center, Ogunpa
  3. Oganla Primary Health Center, Oganla
  4. Ayeye Primary Health Center, Ayeye
  5. Ori Eru Primary Health Center, Ori Eru
  6. Kosehunti Primary Health Center, Olopomewa Eleyele

The available services rendered are Antenatal Care Services, Baby Delivery, Immunization, Family Planning, and Health Education, treatment of common ailment / diseases and Community Medical Outreaches.

Consequently, the Local Government has 23 public primary schools:

The lists of primary schools are:

  1. Chief Agbaje Memorial School 1, Ayeye, Ibadan
  2. Chief Agbaje Memorial School 2, Ayeye, Ibadan
  3. Chief Agbaje Memorial School 3, Ayeye, Ibadan
  4. Michael’s C&S Primary School 1, Oke-Seni, Ibadan
  5. Michael’s C&S Primary School 2, Oke-Seni, Ibadan
  6. Patrick’s Catholic Primary School 1
  7. Patrick School, Idikan, Ibadan
  8. Richard’s Catholic School 1, Jericho, Ibadan
  9. Richard’s Catholic School 2, Jericho, Ibadan
  10. Salvation Army School 1, Ekotedo, Ibadan
  11. Salvation Army School 2, Ekotedo, Ibadan
  12. Sacred Heart Convent School, Idikan, Ibadan
  13. Methodist Primary School 1, Akintola, Ibadan
  14. Methodist Primary School 2, Akintola, Ibadan
  15. Saviour Apostolic School 1, Akintola, Ibadan
  16. Saviour African Church School 1, Ekotedo
  17. Ebenezer African Church Primary School, Ibadan
  18. Baptist Primary School, Idikan, Ibadan
  19. Micheal’s C&S Primary School 3, Oke-Seni, Ibadan
  20. Saviour Apostolic School 2, Akintola, Ibadan
  21. Saviour African Church School 2, Ekotedo
  22. Baptist Primary School 2, Idikan, Ibadan
  23. Baptist Primary School 3, Idikan, Ibadan