Oyo East local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

Oyo East local Government, Kosobo was the seat of Oyo Single Township Local Government before December 1996. The Local Government then encompassed the whole of Oyo and its environs which was split into Oyo East Local Government Kosobo, Oyo; Atiba Local Government Offa Meta; Oyo West Local Government, Ojogbondu, Oyo.

Oyo East Local Government, with administrative headquarters at Kosobo, came into existence in December, 1996. It is also known as the mother of Local Governments in Oyo Town because it was the headquarters of Oyo Local Government which encompassed Oyo West and Atiba Local Governments. The Local Government shares boundaries with Ogo Oluwa Local Government to the North, Afijio Local Government to the South, Ejigbo and Iwo Local Governments of Osun State to the East and Oyo West and Atiba Local Government to the West.


The occupations of the inhabitants of the area are farming, trading, weaving, dying, carving and leather work.


Wetland                   –           100.00KM

Plain                          –           70.00 KM

Highland                  –           6.805 KM

Rainfall                     –           1280 (mm)


The quality of shelter in the Local Government may be classified into three types, which may vary directly with population density. The highly dense area generally have poor quality houses while the moderately dense areas have fair quality housing. The least dense area are the newly developed, well planned residential estates and they generally have good quality housing.


The Local Government is blessed with about 54 private Nursery and Primary Schools and also about 48 filling stations located in different parts of the Local Government area. There are 8 colleges and established restaurants; guest houses, hotels, supermarkets, chemists shops, fast food outlets, bank and finance houses.


 Agriculture is the main stay of the economy in the Local Government and majority of the inhabitants are farmers. In order to encourage the Local Farmers, the council distribute fertilizers to farmers at subsidized rate and engages in direct farming.


Oyo East Local Government has Urban and Rural Roads both tarred and untarred hat link that major settlements.


To ease the acute shortage of water the Local Government expended large sums of money on reactivation of pipe born water, thus the reopening of Public water pipe.


 “Health is Wealth” and the Local Government believes in the axion, hence, health care delivery services had been given a boost in its programme. There had been drastic reduction in the infants mortality and immunization programmes were intensified with sufficient supply of needed vaccines for pregnant women. The council spent over N275, 000 on health education programme and a colossal sum of money to prevent the outbreak of guinea worm infection in the villages. The administration of regular health education campaign on the control of communicable diseases could not be overemphasized. This led to chlorination of public and private well water. The council has ten dispensaries and health posts, scattered all over the area and also constructed a standard PTF specification drug store for keeping of the much expected PTF keeping drug.


Population as at 2006 census

Male              –           62, 512

Female          –           61, 334

Total              –           123, 846


The council has 23 public primary schools and about 10 Junior Secondary School and Colleges. There are also about 50 Private Nursery and Primary Schools in the council area. Education is a major industry in the Local Government. In fact, the Local Government would have loved to establish its own tertiary institution but for lack of enough funds.

There are ten existing political wards in the Local Government.