Oyo West Local Government Area

Oyo West Local Government with the headquarter located at Ojongbodu Oyo   was created alongside others in the Country on the 5th of  December, 1996 by the late general Sanni Abacha led administration out of the defunct Oyo Local Government, Kosobo, Oyo. All the newly created Local Government however took off officially in January 1997.

The Local Government share common boundaries with Atiba Local Government to the North, Afijio and Akinyele Local Government to the South, Iseyin Local Government and a big river beside Ilora Grammar School to the West. Oyo East Local Government to the East and finally Ido Local Government. According to the year 2006 Population Census. Oyo west was put at 136,236 consist of people of different religion and cultural groups.

Traditionally, agriculture is the mainstay of the occupation of the people in the council area and their contribution to the food supply in and outside cannot be over estimated. Oyo west people are well known for their hospitality and that has opened room for so many ethnics to settle down permanently in the council area and earn their living without been harassed. Apart from suitable land for agriculture the Local Government also blessed with land area and topography that is rich and suitable for agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential.