Ogbomoso South Local Government Area

Ogbomoso South West Local Council Development Area, Ajegunle-Ibapon was carved out of Ogbomoso South Local Government, Arowomole, Ogbomoso Via Oyo State of Nigeria, Gazette Volume 41. No 21 of 20th October, 2016 and the government business took off on the 18th January, 2017 from Local Government Service Commission.

Ogbomoso South West Local Council Development Area is bounded in the north by Ogbomoso North Local Government, Ogbomoso and in the west by Ogo-Oluwa local Council Development Area while in the east, it shares boundary with Orire Local Government, Ikoyi.

There are some major areas in Ogbomoso South West Local Council Development Area, these include: Temidire, Caretaker, Atanda Layout Farm Settlement, Owolaake, Akata, Ayetoro, Odokoto, Ajegunle-Ibapon and Alakoso.

It is mainly a wetland with adequate fertile soil. The major occupation of the people in the area is farming and their contributions in terms of food production in Oyo State cannot be overestimated. The predominant crops include: maize, cassava, yam, watermelon and cash crops like cashew, palm trees and mango.