Surulere Local Government Area, Oyo State, Nigeria

Surulere Local Government, Iresaadu was created on 11th may,1989 when the former ogbomoso local government was broken into three autonomous local government areas namely, Ogbomoso, Surulere and Ogo Oluwa.

            The local  government shares boundaries with Ifelodun and Orolu Local government of Osun State, Asa local government  in Kwara State and Orire, Ogbomoso North and South local governments, of Oyo State.

            With its administrative headquarter located at Iresaadu, a town on kilometeSr 15 along the trunk B Ogbomoso Ikirun Road, Surulere local government consist of about 260 communities

            A mongst them are Iresaadu, Oko, Iresa-apa, Iregba, Orile igbon Gambari, Gbede, Ajase, Iwofin, Arolu, Ilajue, Bade-oba, Baayaoje, Mayin and Iware.

            The history of the various communities within the local government is typical of settlement in Yoruba land where the people were either driven by the propensity to run away from the rampaging wars of the time or as a result of the love or impetus to retain their identity, culture and to preserve their historical origin elsewhere or through the Urge to look for genera pasture,  strategic  location or sheer love of adventures among others       

            Thus, have emerged over the ages town and village of today which have been expanding gradually through the labour of their heaves past and better the lots of people.

            It occupies an area of about and by the 2006 population census, Surulere Local Government is inhabited by 142,070 people, a figure which, today has moved closer to 200,000.

            The logo of the local government is a tobacco leaf and palm fruit reminiscent of the agricultural resources of the area.

            Since it creation this local government has been administered by twelve executive chairmen and thirteen appointed chairmen. This local government has been subdivided into three where surulere South and North has casted out from Surulere Local government  which their secretariat  is sited at Oko and Orile igbon respectively.

            Surulere local government has ten wards namely:

I      Iresa-apa,   

ii      Arolu

iii      Iresa-adu   

iv    Iregba

v Oko Ilajue     

 vii   Mayin   

viii  Iwofin

 ix   Gambari  and

 x Baayaoje