Mbagen Development Association

Mbagen Development Association (MDA) is the umbrella association of Mbagen clan of Tiv nation. It is meant for the development of Mbagen.

The aim is to foster unity in Mbagen community and  harness infrastructural and intellectual development opportunities for the well being of the people.

The President General of MDA works together with Mbagen traditional council with the leadership of four District Heads of ① Mbaade under Tyoor Emmanuel Saa-Aôndo Yainjô, ② Mbaakura under Tyoor Mathias Dzer Agee, ③ Mbaazagee under Tyoor Senenge Amusa, and ④ Mbatyough under Tyoor Peter Beeior Ubi to ensure that viable projects are initiated and executed for the good of the community.

Since when it was founded to date, MDA has mobilised members of the Mbagen clan into a formidable force which has led to the building of schools and health facilities and other projects spread across the community.

Mbagen Comprehensive Health Services and the Mbagen Comprehensive Secondary Schools at Abwa and Mbatyough are examples of projects found in Mbagen, built and maintained by Mbagen people.

The association was founded in 1972. Though, its roots or origins could be traced to as far back as the 1950s.

According to a famous Mbagen author B.D. Iyortyôm in his book: Fa Mbagen, as early as 1954 there was an association for the Mbagen people under the leadership of Tambel Tofi (not related to Chief Denen Tofi) and Genda Girgba.

The  association was called “Mmough u Agen” or “The Rise of Agen”. Agen is the root of the more popular name of the the community.

This body saw to the need of developing Mbagen clan.

The association, was working well but went comatose for reasons not made clear, only to be eventually revived on 12th July 1972 at the instance of Mbaakaa Indiorhwer, who was later to become the Clan Head of Mbagen.

At a meeting in Mkar hosted by Benjamin Dzua Iyortyôm, who would later become the Secretary General of M.D.A., a new association was born.

From then the name “Mbagen Development Association” evolved and has been in use to this day.

The leadership of Mbagen Development Association anchored the improvement initiatives.

The person on ground to monitor the day to day progress of work at either the hospital or college was Mr. Moses Ihomver Hanior, in consultation with (Dr.) Benjamin Dzua Iyortyôm.

Moses Hanior would later be crowned Ter Buruku II, the paramount traditional ruler of Buruku Local Government Area.

He succeeded Chief David Afatyô Ajoko. Ajoko was elevated to the throne of Tor Jemgbagh I.