Msalato International Airport, Dodoma, Tanzania

Msalato International Airport, located in Msalato ward. is an airport project intended to serve the Tanzanian capital, Dodoma.

Dodoma Airport, which serves the capital is located within the municipality and cannot accommodate larger aircraft. Due to the location of Dodoma Airport, it cannot be expanded easily.

After considering available alternatives, the Tanzanian government has decided to build a new greenfield international airport to serve the capital city of Dodoma, using money borrowed from the African Development Bank

The government of Tanzania plans to construct an intentional airport in Msalato, to handle large passenger and cargo aircraft to carry politicians, diplomats, tourists and businesspeople together with their luggage.

Msalato Airport is located on the right hand side along the Dodoma-Arusha highway, some 12km from the Dodoma Central Business District (CBD).

The airport land area is 9 km long and 5 km wide, approximately 45 km2.

The airport is to have runway, main passenger aircraft parking apron, aircraft control tower, passengers terminal and office buildings, car parking lots, shops, supermarkets, banking facilities, ancillary facilities such as fuel depots, airport catering, general aviation facilities and electrical and mechanical services including transformer and generator rooms, mechanical ventilation plant, refuse disposal units, pump rooms among others.

The infrastructure involved includes a three storied terminal building for departing and arriving passengers.

One main runway measuring 3,600 metres (11,811 ft) long, and 60 metres (197 ft) wide, with two taxiways, 2 parking aprons which can accommodate multiple A330 aircraft simultaneously.

Also, arrival and departure gates, fencing, airport roads and car parking yards.

Other operations infrastructure includes a control tower, radar equipment, a fire station and associated fire-fighting equipment, an aircraft fueling station, a water supply and distribution system, a dedicated electricity supply system with back-up (an alternative when the primary goes out) and a meteorology station.