Map of Dodoma showing districts

The districts Dodoma are:
Chamwino District
Mpwapwa District
Chemba District
Kondoa Urban
Kondoa District
Bahi District
Kongwa District
Dodoma City

Chamwino District9,204 km2 (3,554 sq mi)
Mpwapwa District7,455 km2 (2,878 sq mi)
Chemba District7,290 km2 (2,810 sq mi)
Kondoa Urban 
Kondoa District5,792 km2 (2,236 sq mi)
Bahi District5,633 km2 (2,175 sq mi)
Kongwa District3,958 km2 (1,528 sq mi)
Dodoma City2,608 km2 (1,007 sq mi)
Total41,311 km2 (15,950 sq mi)
Anglican Cathedral of Holy Spirit in Dodoma


Dodoma Region (Mkoa wa Dodoma) is one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions.

The regional capital is the city of Dodoma.

The region is located in central Tanzania.

Dodoma Region also hosts one of the largest University in Tanzania, University of Dodoma.

The region is sole home of the Tanzanian wine industry, which is the second largest wine industry on the continent after South Africa.

It is bordered by Singida Region to the west; Manyara Region to the north; Iringa Region to the south; and Morogoro Region to the east.

Dodoma Region hosts the nation’s capital city with where the legislative assembly or Bunge is based.

According to the 2022 national census, the region had a population of 3,085,625. 2012 national census, where by, 2012 had 2,083,588.

Dodoma City 

Dodoma is the legislative capital of Tanzania and is the administrative capital of both Dodoma Municipal Council and the entire Dodoma Region, with a population of 765,179.

Originally a small market town known as Idodomya, the modern Dodoma was founded in 1907 by German colonists during construction of the Tanzanian central railway.

In 1974, the Tanzanian government announced that Tanzania’s federal capital would be moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma for social and economic reasons and to centralise the capital within the country.

In May 2023, the national government under President Samia Suluhu unveiled the new State House in Dodoma in a historic event stamping the relocation of government duties to the city.

As a result, Dar es Salaam remained the commercial and maritime capital of Tanzania with Dodoma retaining the state house Ikulu, and a large number of government functions.

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