Nasarawa agriculture

Agricultural resources in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Nasarawa State also has vast arable land for commercial farming, fishery development, wildlife and forestry conservation. Agriculture, therefore, is the mainstay of the economy of the State with over 70% of the population involved in subsistence farming.

Nasarawa State

Apart from the crops, there are trees such as Mahogany, Shea tree, African Balsam, Coffee tree, Locust Bean tree and Iron tree located in some parts of the State namely: Wamba; Awe; Keana; Doma; Nassarawa Eggon; Toto LGAs, that can be used as raw materials for the following industries:

i. Timber Processing Industry
ii. Furniture Factories
iii. Allied wood manufacturing ventures, etc

From the baseline potentials of the fishery sector, the State has opportunities for investment:

i. Rivers and Lakes
ii. Natural Lakes and Swamps
iii. Hectares Doma Dam and Weirs
iv. Mining paddocks and several burrow pits
v. Commercially and Culturally important indigenous fish species etc.

Nasarawa State has enormous land and grazing resources suitable for cattle rearing and poultry. In order to kick-start this potential, the State established Nasara Beef Processing Company at Masaka-Karu, corridor to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to take advantage of the available market there. It also established the Keffi Modern Abattoir to augment the operations of the Beef Processing factory in Masaka-Karu.