Nigerian Embassy, Equatorial Guinea

Prior the establishment of formal relations between Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, there had been long history of informal relations before the establishment of formal relations between both countries which has been very cordial and brotherly. The proximity and maritime borders between the two countries increased the migration of citizens of both states which has resulted in inter- marriages.

Nigeria Consulate, Bata, Equatorial Guinea

On the attainment of independence of Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea in 1960 and 1968 respectfully, people from South Eastern of Nigeria; the Efiks, Ibibios, Ogojas etc, living in the contiguous states of Cross Rivers, Rivers, Imo and Anambra, who coincidentally share Bantu ancestry with the Guineans have been interrelating with the people of the Bioko Island (Fermando – Po) for years coupled with the mass recruitment of Nigerians to work on cocoa plantation owed by Spaniard which led to the establishment of (Labour Office) in Luba and Bata.

The Contact led Nigeria to establish of two Consulates in Equatorial Guinea, one in Bata on the mainland, and the other in Malabo the present capital of Equatorial Guinea. In 1968, following the attainment of independent in Equatorial Guinea, the two countries formalized their relations and the Nigerian Consulates in Malabo was upgraded to full Embassy in the same year.

Reference: Chancery Building – Nigeria Consulate, Bata, Equatorial Guinea (