Abuja districts

Abuja has 93 districts, 5 phases, 22 sector centres, 3 industrial areas, an institutional research district, 2 central area districts and a national park

Abuja city consists of about ninety-three (93) districts in the five phases, with twenty-two (22) Sector Centres, three (3) Industrial Areas, an Institution Research District as well as two (2) Central Area Districts and a National Park at Kukwaba.
The current District Design Status in the five phases of the FCC are as follows:

The Abuja Master Plan divided the capital city into phases and sectors.

The city currently has five phases namely phases I, II, III, IV and V with each phase comprising a number of Districts.

Phase 1
All the seven (7) districts in the original phase 1 of the City namely: Maitama, Wuse I, Wuse II, Garki I, Garki II, Asokoro and Central Area have been designed and virtually fully developed. Also the three (3) additional districts comprising of Maitama Extension, Guzape and Asokoro Extension which were later incorporated to the Phase 1 have also been designed and being developed.

Phase II
All the fourteen (14) districts and National Park in the original Phase II namely Katampe, Mabushi, Utako, Wuye, Durumi, Gudu, Jabi, Kado, Dakibiyu, Kaura, Duboyi, Gaduwa, Dutse and Kukwaba National Park with Katampe Extension which was later introduced have been designed. The only outstanding areas in Phase II with respect to Engineering Design are the sector centres A, B, C and D that are currently undergoing procurement process.

Phase III
Phase III consists of eighteen (18) districts and four (4) Sector Centres. Fourteen of the districts namely; Bunkoro, Gwarimpa I, Mbora, Galadimawa, Dakwo, Lokogoma, Wupa and Industrial Area 1B have been designed while four (4) of the districts namely, Gwarimpa II, Institution and Research District, Kabusa and Industrial area 1A are yet to be designed. Also the four (4) sector centres E, F, G and H within Phase III have not been designed. All except Industrial area 1A are under procurement.

Phase IV
Phase IV consists of thirty-four (34) districts. Apart from Kagini district in phase IV North which has been designed and being developed, most of the districts in Phase IV (North & South) have been earmarked for Mass Housing and Land Swap programmes. The procurement process for the Engineering Designs to service most of these districts with relevant primary/secondary infrastructure have reached advanced stages.

Phase V
The Planning/Site Development Plan for Phase V is currently ongoing. The only district that has been properly designed is the Kyami District which is divided into three zones namely A, B and C.