Ekeremor LGA, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

Ekeremor Local Government Area is located on the northwestern end of the State, with its western border forming part of the State’s coastline by the Atlantic Ocean.

Its northern border is marked by the Forcados River, one of the major distributaries of the Niger River. It is also drained by the Bomadi River.

It also comprises of Alabini, Opuokede Creek, Oporomor West and Aleibiri local Government Areas. It covers 21% of the total land area and holds 11.1% of the total population of the State.

The area is vastly blessed with natural resources and good soil for agriculture, as well as opportunities for tourism development.

The traditional occupation of the people include fishing, farming, trading, Raffia Palm tapping and distillation, lumbering and canoe carving, salt making, and hunting.