Livestock and Fisheries, Niger State, Nigeria

Niger State’s livestock and fisheries sector exhibits strong comparative advantage with respect to supporting the State’s growth, economic and social development. The sector’s comparative advantage derives mainly from large mass, abundance of aquatic systems, the a numerically large and verified animal stock, the existence of a strong traditional know-how in animal husbandry as well as its contribution to GDP (6-8%) and the generation of employment for a significant proportion of the population with key significant redistributive effects and contribution to food security, nutrition and poverty reduction.

Vision of Niger State Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries

To effectively harness the professional and technical resources available to the Ministry to provide an enabling environment and framework for enhancing the Development of the Livestock and Fisheries sub-sector in Niger State


To effectively contribute to food security on a sustainable basis through adequate production and availability of high quality animal and fish protein products.


The ministry of Livestock and Fisheries was demerged from Ministry of agriculture and rural development in 2017 by the State Government under the leadership of Mr. Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello.

The ministry is charged with the responsibility of formulating and implementing policies and programmes for the development of the Livestock and fisheries sector of the State.

Among many other objectives it was established to achieve the State’s Livestock and fisheries Sector potentials towards unlocking wealth, exposing farmers to new trends in production technologies and agri-business, promote value addition and improve engagement with markets, attract global interest and investment, promotes private sector participation, capacity building and development of appropriate skills among producers, processors, in puts suppliers and markets.

The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries recognizes that the success of new APP and the Niger State Development Blue Print 2015-2019 is to a large extent private sector driven with the government providing necessary public goods and services, effective regulation and a conductive business enabling environment.

The new Policy calls for modernization of Livestock and Fishery sector, drive evidence-based decision making, enhance availability of improved breed and animal husbandry practices, provide incentives for modern infrastructure facilities (abattoirs and processing systems, milking parlors) and improve pest and disease control system.