Michika people’s entrepreneurship passion

Michika formerly spelt and pronounced Mwe-cika is a town and Local Government Area in Adamawa State, Nigeria. It borders the famous tourist site located at Mcedigyi in Vecemwe Rhumsiki of Cameroon. It is important to note that this LGA is the fourth largest town in Adamawa State.

Though the Michika people have produced some very prominent Nigerian Leaders which includes Mohammed Buba Marwa, a former governor of Lagos State, Hon. Boni Haruna, former governor of Adamawa State, Hon. Abubakar Saleh Michika, first civilian governor of the State, Late Major General John Samuel Zaruwa amidst others, the fourth largest LGA of Adamawa State was attacked and ravaged by the Boko Haram Sect, and the people are still trying to reclaim and rebuild their homeland. Just like the Igbos, Michika people are found in almost every part of the country, be it rural or urban settlement. There are known to be hustlers who understand to a very good extent money language. Most Michika men do not stay idle or dependent on government work just like the Igbos, they try to create a niche for themselves, no matter how small.

Most of them are found doing the commercial tea vendor business, bread baking and for some who have earned enough resources to go big amidst them, venturing into petroleum distribution, owning big fuel stations is the next target.

Just like the Igbos whose ancestors are said to have migrated from Israel, the Michika people whose first ancestor in Nigeria is said to have come from Ethiopia were involved in politics of Adamawa State and that of Nigeria. But just like the Igbos, they are no longer involve as they were in politics and hence only seeks to fend for themselves.