What DPO means in Nigeria Police

DPO (Divisional Police Officer) is an officer in charge of a division.

A police division usually comprises a whole LGA (Local Government Area) when it is in a rural area. However, many divisions are created in one LGA in highly populated urban areas.

The position of DPO is an appointment but not a rank. Any police officer on Grade Level 8, 9, 10 or close to that can be made a DPO.

The organisational structure of the Nigeria Police is shown below:

Force Headquarters

Head: IG (Inspector General)
Area of coverage: Nigeria (the whole country)

Zonal Headquarters

Head: AIG (Assistant Inspector General)
Area of coverage: Some states combined

State Commands Headquarters

Head: CP (Commissioner of Police)
Area of coverage: A state

Lagos State Commissioner of Police as at 2023, CP Idowu Owohunwa

Divisional Police Headquarters

Head: DPO (Divisional Police Officer)
Area of coverage: Usually a LGA (Local Government Area)

In densely populated areas like towns, several areas of the same town have DPOs.

The salary of a DPO in Nigeria police is ₦172,089.06 if the DPO’s rank is SP (Superintendent of Police) and many DPOs are SPs.

Below are ranks from which officers are usually appointed DPOs and the salaries for those ranks.

Chief Superintendent of Police₦199,723.96
Superintendent of Police₦172,089.06
Deputy Superintendent of Police₦170,399.70
Assistant Superintendent of Police₦156,318.39
Inspector of Police₦87,135.10

Besides salary, other legitimate financial allowances are provided. So DPOs get other lawful benefits.