Igede traditional leaders

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Oga ẸrọIgede

HRH King Oga ẸrọIgede, Igede first-class chief


Daniel Ulegede

HRH Daniel Ulegede (Kosoko)
Igede 2nd Class Chief Oju Local Government Area


Chris Ijale

HRH Chief Chris Ijale
Igede 2nd Class Chief, Obi Local Government Area

Igede people
Igede is an ethnic group in Benue State, Nigeria.

It’s the third largest in the state after Tiv and Idoma.

It comprises Obi and Oju Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the state as well as parts of some other LGAs.

Igede people are also in Nigeria’s Cross River State.

Other Igede communities exist in Osun State and Ogun State.